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We are a community of bloggers that talk about best practices in the corporate environment for employer-employee relations.

One of the most fundamental elements to business is the relationship between the employee and the employee. What is the appropriate relationship? How can both parties respect each other and treat each other with dignity.

Too often, employers seek to take advantage of their employers or they are seen to be doing so. On the other hand, too often employees great anything and everything their employers do with so much skepticism that it creates an ineffective work environment that end up hurting both them and the company as a whole.

There is, of course, a middle ground that benefits everyone, and if we can all just put aside our differences and work together we can get to the middle area where everyone is better off with a higher quality of life and better morale.

Our community of bloggers have decades of experience in corporate America working with small, large, and medium companies alike. They’ve been in management position, upper management, and even on the ground floor.

They have pretty much spanned the entire corporate ladder, sometime multiple times and multiple companies.

Now, we want to share the knowledge we have learned over the years and help you grow your business and build a healthier work environment.

We are here to help!